Thursday, 9 July 2015

AW15 Inspiration

So as special as Summer is; having such lovely, long evenings, being able to go out without a coat wrapped over your arm and not looking odd when you order an Ice Cold Latte at Costa - the reality is... It doesn't last half as long as we hope it will. As with anything, all good things must come to an end.
The next real thing on my list to be focusing on, is getting my flat Autumn-fied!
I'm thinking Dusty Purples, Off-Pinks and Mauve colours. 

As usual, my first point of call for inspiration is Pinterest and Zara Home - the best shop in this entire world. Plenty of hours have been spent in there dribbling at all their homeware (pretty image right?)
These are a couple of items you can currently find on the Zara Home website (link here)

Now I don't leave all of my inspiration just down to Zara, however on-point they tend to be. Pinterest is definitely my next step after that. Having access to so many different people's portfolios and bits of inspiration means I am more likely to find unique photos and colour combinations. Have a look.