Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New Buys

Hello sweeties!
I've changed my blog around a bit ie. New name (which may be quite confusing to you)...
I found 'Follower of Fashion' a bit too long for a blog name so I decided my name was much more relevant. Hope you're all OK and have a good rest of the week! ♥
The sunlight was too bright but this was my hair 10 minutes after I used Fudge's Urban Texture Blaster

Blazer - Topshop £65
White Cotton Shirt - Topshop £28
Belt - Topshop £12
Vintage - Urban Outiftters Renewal £40
Lace Tights - M&S £3

So these items have been on my Beauty Wish list (which I really need to start blogging about) for a while and I finally found the time to go and buy them. I looked all over Brighton for the St. Moriz Tanning Mousse but couldn't find any so I bought this on eBay.
This Fudge Urban Texture Blaster is my new best friend! I cannot stop using it and I have pretty much got through my mum's canister in about a week.
What it says "Blast your hair with texture, without the stickiness of a paste. Urban Texture Blaster allows you to create, shape and hold your style with this super flexible aerosol. Spray in and mess it up for maximum texture or spray all over to lock in your style."

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - £2.99
Fudge Urban Texture Blaster - £3.99 ♥

Literally SUCH a cringey photo but this was my hair at 5:00pm when I'd used the Urban Texture Blaster at about 11am and it's kept my hair tip top! No hairbrush has been used in the making of this photograph. (Bear in mind my hair is naturally straight)

And this is my new ring... This was a total impulse buy but not one I'll regret. I love it.
Ring - Brighton Vintage Store (Unknown name) £8

From left to right:
Stall in the Brighton Lanes - £5
Set of 3 - Accessorize £2.50
Silver, white stone ring - Vintage Store £8

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Vintage Yumminess

Went to a Vintage Fashion Fair today and would have taken my SLR but didn't know what it would be like... I saw lots of beautiful things; dresses, jewellery, handbags, records, radios... The list goes on.
I saw this necklace and knew I had to get it, and for £4 pound, I can't help but think it was a bargain (but I may be mistaken)...
Pearls - Grandmother's
Chain with pearls and beads - Accessorize £12 (2 years ago)
Beaded necklace - Vintage Fashion Fair of Brighton £4

Friday, 9 September 2011


I'll let you know all about it as soon as they've ALL arrived!

Hope you're well..

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Urban Organising

So like I previously mentioned, I went shopping with my lovely mummy the other day and bought a lot of new things - my Leather Jacket being one of them. I may (I don't remember exactly) have mentioned that I bought some boxes to keep my makeup and jewellery in and to keep organised. Seeing as a lot of my posts have been Makeup-based lately, I decided I would take photos of these gorgeous boxes.
Set of 5 - £28 Urban Outfitters

 So these are what the boxes look like - They came in a set of 5, all different in pattern, and all very sturdy for a whopping £28, but I thought it was worth the money as they're sooooo pwertty.

I used the blue one for my rings, as I have so many chunky ones and my ring holder doesn't stand up with them all attacked. The one below is used for everyday makeup. I usually have a draw in my dresser for all my makeup but it's time-consuming trying to collect the items I use daily.

You will also know, if you read my post on any new Topshop makeup, that I'm a HUGE fan of their range. Although my collection isn't quite bursting at the seams, I plan to invest more in pretty much everything the sell... I love the smart packaging as well as the products themselves as they have all lasted me a while now.
 I have 4 nail varnishes, 2 lipsticks, 1 highlighter, 1 eyeliner ♥, 1 cream blusher ♥♥ and  foundation brush.

I'm only currently using 4 boxes because the 5th one is actually pretty big and I'm still trying to work out what to use it for. Any ideas??

For £28, I do not look at these beautiful creations and think "what a waste of money", I actually find myself thinking "what an investment". 

And THIS my friends, fellow followers, is my new obsession. Every morning and evening I light this baby up - sounds like I'm talking about spliffs - which smell divine and wafts around my room while I get ready. It helps me relax and also is very pretty to look at.

I don't know how much it was because my Boyfriend bought it for me while he was in Canada, Toronto, but it is from a shop called 'Anthropologie'. SORRY GUYS!

P.S. It also has glitter mixed into the wax - which you may be able to see in this photo.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crazy hair and smiles.

So very soon I go back to College full-time (I never went to college part-time, so why say that?) This was my look for today, but I mainly focused on makeup and not my clothes (if you'd like to know - I was wearing a Topshop Woolly Cardigan (still in store), White Topshop Vest, Grey Jeans (also Topshop he he) and my new ALDO boots. 

I back-combed at the roots and left the ends straight and made a plait. The plait actually looked a lot better towards the end of the day - but allas, my makeup didn't.
(I have not airbrushed my face, this is ACTUALLY what the final result looked like after makeup and to tell you the truth, this isn't normally what happens!)
Ok, so this is me. BLAHH.

The "I've just fallen out of bed" look.

And my really round head (It's not actually that round. Just due to poor back-combing)

"Nails" Topshop in Threadbare - £5.00
"Lips" Topshop in Desert - £8.00
"Blush" Topshop in Head Over Heels - £6.00

 "Lips" in Desert is such a lovely colour. At the moment, I'm naturally quite tanned at the moment and this compliments my skin tone so well, but I also believe this will be a great investment for when I've either lost my tan to the harsh Winter or when I've stopped using tanning products. This would compliment ANY skin colour and it's very conditioning too (like I've previously said on my other post on Topshop Makeup).
 Now this is my NEW love! It's a creamy blusher that works perfectly for dry skin tones. I, myself, don't suffer from a dry complexion but I do wear a lot of foundation and loose powder (normally)... Today I decided upon not using powder, and using this creamy formula. Not only did it make me look healthier and more youthful but it make me look a lot more girly (which isn't normally the case because I tend to steer towards bronzers). The colour is also a lot less intense once applied, so it doesn't look unnatural and gives a pretty flush to the cheeks.

TOP TIP: to help maintain this colourful look all day (and maybe all night) I found that applying some powder blusher, the similar colour to your new cream blusher, helps maintain the blusher on the cheeks with no smudges.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter 'Natural Bronze Body Lotion'

Ok so I haven't actually used this yet, but got so excited about posting it on here, that I've decided to give it's own post. So I'm going to start applying tonight and hopefully I'll be able to show you the difference in colour.


On the other hand, I have purchased St. Moritz Mousse Fake Tan, so I may also give a post on that, because I've heard so many different reviews and wanted to try it out.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Almost Heaven

18 degrees, with dark clouds and constant downpour. One of my favourite weather's - as long as I'm indoors. Currently listening to Bon Jovi Greatest Hits, editing photos, drinking tea and sitting in my dressing gown. My definition of 'Almost Heaven'.

<><> </>
My kitty cat, Patch

On a rainy day, what else is there to do but look out the window. Even my cats love doing that...
My kitty cat, Smokey

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day...
Mug of tea and my 'Ceriberry'

I intend to spend the rest of the day finding new blogs, writing up CV's (as I no longer have a job whippeee) and drinking endless amounts of Earl Grey (I never drink Earl Grey)... ♥
What do you do on rainy days?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Leather and Lace (And lots of black)

So after many hours of stress and screaming my Dad finally fixed my computer and I can now see photos! I've never felt so blessed in my life... I was beginning to think I was never going to be able to EVER blog again (you know when your mind starts thinking the worst?)
So I have a photo of what I wore when I came back from Reading Festival and I went for the 'innocent summer dress and wellies' look and bearing in mind I did an all-nighter on the last night, I'm looking pretty fresh (I'll keep telling myself that, even if you don't believe it).

And so the other day I went shopping with mumsy and bought lots of nice staple items for winter yaaaaaaaay...

This, my friends, is my new outfit (minus the lace top which I've had for zonks!)
Oh and also, I haven't Photoshopped abs onto this photo, it's incredibly bad lighting. If I'd tried to Photoshop this out, it would look like I have something to hide.
Leather Jacket - £48 Miss Selfridge
Lace Top - Topshop 2 years ago?
Pleated Skirt - £35 Topshop
Tights - £4 Topshop

I thought I'd wear my hair (and fringe) in a ponytail for once, and I think for this look it definitely looked more polished.
 Lace Top I've had for a few years and it's done me a lot of justice! I wore this January 2010 and the lace has only ripped where I've worn necklaces. Love this!
For Big hair.. You need the two B's.  Blow dry and Backcomb (preferably both upside down and this makes it last longer)... I have quite thin hair and often prey for thicker, more voluptuous hair so I figured this was my last option. I always find big, bulky garments often look better with hair tied up or for girls with shorter hair as this creates a more defined silhouette. Simple earrings are a must too..