Thursday, 14 June 2012

Caudalie Divine Oil‏

Caudalie has been a new brand seen on my shelves (and maybe for some of you too) this year and I've loved their products so far. I have yet to try the Beauty Elixir but I've tried their Eye Make Up Remover and their Cleanser and fell in love with both.
Anyway, this review is about their Caudalie Divine Oil* which can be used on the Face, Body and Hair. I was more inclined to use it on my face and hair because we all know that Fake Tan and Oil does not work, but I did try it on areas that weren't tanned too so that I could give a better review.
The bottle itself is very large (a mere 100ml), very heavy (it's made of class) and has a wooden lid with a spray cap on the top, which is really convenient when you want to apply oil - which is great compared to other oils such as Johnson's Baby Oil, where you have to pour it out instead.
For the price (£25 for 100ml) I think it really does depend how you intend to use it. As a hair oil I think it's totally worth it (read on for more details) but for the body, I'm less inclined to spend £25 on something I feel a moisturiser does just as well. Keep into account that I've used a lot of the oil now and I'm only about 5ml down.
The smell is incredible. It's very musky and fruity but isn't overpowering and made me feel like I was giving myself a pamper.

The product itself, I will talk about in 3 sections - one for hair, face and body.
For the use on hair, I sprayed it all over my hair - even in the roots - and unlike some hair oils, this one didn't dry  and go crispy so I felt like it was always doing something to my hair. I slept in it one night and woke up the next morning with it still conditioning my hair and not just masking it. It didn't leave my hair greasy, but for some people it may be differently as things that work for me, may not work as well for you, but all-in-all it just made my hair feel a lot more conditioned and healthy.
It's easy to wash out and only needed to shampoo once to make it feel clean. I've since used this on the tips of my hair before a shower and before bed for an uplift of moisture.

For the use on the face
, I wouldn't recommend putting it all over because this is great for targeting dry patches or areas that don't get greasy easily such as cheeks. I used it just before I went to bed, on my cheeks and forehead and in the morning they weren't super greasy but just really conditioned.

For the use on the body, I sprayed this on my legs when they were super dry and on my arms, and I found I wasn't completely blown away but I found they did have more moisture locked in - they just generally felt a lot more moisturised. I am a Moisturiser kinda gal and haven't used oils before but I think for hot weather it's perfect! I can really see myself using this when I'm on holiday (along with suntan lotion) to create a great, long lasting tan.

All-in-all I just really enjoyed using this product, especially on my hair. I think it's a great was of moisturising the different areas, especially great on the hair and tricky dry patches. I'd definitely keep using this product because I haven't found an oil that does such a varied amount and smells this good. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Estee Lauder BB Cream

I've been a huge fan of BB Creams for a while now, Garnier being my first one! BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm and was originated in Asia. Because of my problem skin (I have red cheeks ALL THE TIME) I always look for things to make my skin more presentable before putting Foundation on top. I also find BB Creams are almost as good as Primers depending what you pick up. 
Estee Lauder BB Cream is quite thick compared to others and gives a better coverage (which I really love).. It comes in 2 colours but they suit most skin tones but I chose the Light. I found £32 for 30ml was incredibly pricey, even more expensive than Double Wear! I closed my eyes as I bought it and I'll always have the price tag at the back of my mind.
Was it worth the money? I don't think so. I really love the product as it's a great coverage before foundation and as you can see in the above picture my foundation looks as smooth as anything after no top ups for 6 hours. I really like it but I do think it's incredibly overpriced and I would happily convert back to Garnier BB Cream because of the price. For the product, I feel it does a better job than Garnier but for a lot less money, I'd rather use Garnier even if it has a few more flaws. 

Have you tried a BB Cream? Any recommendations? 

REVIEW: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser has been clogging up my blogger feed for some time now, and although I was captivated by what it supposedly did, I didn't actually purchase one until I got absolutely sick of my sensitive skin.
The reviews I have seen have been praising this product to the heavens. It really was supposedly THAT good! And yes, it is a great product if you have sensitive skin.
I normally get very red patch patches on my skin and I saw that many people that used this, actually kept red patches at bay. I also suffer from irritated, sensitive skin so I knew the natural products in it would help.
They did! They definitely did, but I also inherited some awful, awful spots.

I don't normally get spots all over my face, just the odd one here and there, but this product broke me out terribly. It cleaned my skin very well and I loved how you apply it to your make up and then wipe away with the muslin cloth. I kind of thought to myself, ''maybe this is good?''.. Maybe it was pulling all my unwanted, under-the-skin spots, to the surface, but ultimately, I just don't think my skin loved it as much as I did.

I wanted to be able to write a raving review [It's not all bad!] but I got spots. End of. I know this has only happened to a select few so don't dis-guard this product if you think it'll work for you! It's relatively pricey but I got a free sample of Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic which I do really love, so it wasn't ALL bad!
It's very soothing and closes my pores without irritating!
Overall, I do like the range as it's soothed and calmed down my redness but I can't carry on using a product that makes me break out. I've been using it for 3 - 4 weeks now and it's just the same story every day!

What do you think about Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish? Yay or nay?

Monday, 11 June 2012

iFabbo Conference

So this is a very late post based on my trip to London to go to the iFabbo Conference. It was such an amazing day and met so many lovely girls, some of which were Nicole, Grace and Francis. We arrived to lots of drinks on trays, a grand piano and a very quaint conference room. Kettner's (where it was all held) was a gorgeous venue for this conference and was very easy to find. We spent the afternoon seated, listening to the panels talking about PR relationship, how to make money from your blog and many other interesting subjects.
This is a really short post because the other girls mentioned have actually written awesome accounts of the day so thought there'd be no point trying to write down what they've already written.
Have a look at their blogs!