Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Christmas Week

All-in-all my Christmas was VERY nice. Minus having to work 19 and a half hours in total over Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, it was surprisingly very relaxed. This year we didn't invite family down, which we usually do, to ring the changes so it was very quiet to say the least.
These photos were taken over the course of one week because I knew I wouldn't be blogging over Christmas. My week consisted of last minute shopping, endless amounts of Costa's, a gale which inevitably knocked our fence down, Christmas Day, cake baking and eating lots of chocolate.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and got what you all wanted. I'll be posting soon about my favourite presents so stay tuned!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Estee Lauder DW and MAC Blot Powder REVIEW

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Today was the first time that I used this foundation and I think it's fair to say it's my favourite of all time! So many of my friends use this and always have perfect looking skin, but I've never really thought about buying it because I always see other new and up-and-coming foundations I want to try. I've been using Infallible by Loreal and I really do favour it over most foundations, but this one has a thicker and less-greasy coverage, which I wanted.
The application is so trouble-free and glides on so smoothly but the final look is what I love the most. I look like I have flawless skin, but not too matte or too greasy to look fake. I normally suffer from a greasy T-zone and normally have to reapply foundation over these areas but this one has been as non-greasy as anything I've tried before! It's also stayed put all day - which is a first!
I paid £19 for it because I got 20% off through my staff discount, but it normally prices at £26.50 from Debenhams or other stores as such.
I think for £26.50 it's a great deal because when I applied it, I didn't need much product at all to cover my face - and I have really uneven skin tone to prove it's good!
I also bought...

MAC Blot Powder/ Pressed

I've seen loads of reviews on the MAC Powder and how good it is and really wanted to purchase it. I'm using a Collection 2000 at the moment in a similar colour but it isn't translucent enough for me - I can see the powder so much on my skin and I always look like I have severe dry skin!
This one, however, maintains my foundation ALL day (and I mean all day.. I woke up at 7 and went to bed at 12 and it was still there!), it also prevents my greasy T-Zone getting too bad. At times I touched the areas to see if I needed powder, and to much surprise, I didn't, whereas before I'd be re-applying the powder every second.

Both products will be so happy in my makeup draw! They are by far my favourite products at the moment and can see them lasting a long time. If all goes well, I'll be re-purchasing these (but I won't speak to soon, you never know what might happen!)
Anyway, hope you all have a lovely day!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

December GLOSSYBOX 2011

Ok, so here it is! My first EVER GlossyBox! I first became interested in GlossyBox when I saw it featured on many blogs I read and Youtube Channels I sub and it pretty much fitted my criteria - wanting to develop my knowledge and broaden the horizon of the brands I know and love.
The first thing I noticed about the GlossyBox as soon as it arrived, was it's size. I hadn't raised expectations on it's size but it just seemed to be a lot smaller than what I thought it was. OH WELL!
I feel I can't comment too much on whether this month's box was 'good' or not but I do like the variations of products here. The actually sizes of them are reasonable as I feel the only thing I probably won't use, is the smallest product.
As to say the least, the box colour is stunning and the wrapping really does make me feel like I'm opening a present early!

The items in this months GlossyBox include:
BIONOVA Eye Wrinkle Treatment

This product was packed in a rather well-sized cardboard packaging but was a slight disappointment when I opened it to find it was actually 10 times smaller then the box but other than that, I have yet to try it out. I do feel, however, even after filling out a questionnaire on the GlossyBox website about my age and products I use, that this product will not come into great use until 30 years have gone by. I will, however, lend this to my mum (in her 50's) and ask for her opinion.

BLINK+GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

At the moment I'm going through a phase in which I'm OBSESSED by eyeshadows! And when I saw this eyeshadow palette I did start thinking of new colour ideas. I, for one, am not entirely impressed with bright, pop coloured eyeshadows but can definitely see myself using the yellow and white. The colours themselves are very shimmery and heavily pigmented which is great for the Christmas/winter season. There is also a blush included underneath the palette - which I hadn't even noticed (me, being me)..


The Lip Gloss was actually surprisingly non-sticky, which I appreciate A LOT! I have so many moments where the wind blows my hair into my mouth and it sticks to my sticky Lip Gloss - not pretty. I got the medium shade - the Lip Gloss is actually in my bag at the moment, so therefore my feet won't let me go get it to tell you the colour. For what it's worth, it's a peachy-pink colour which appears translucent on my lips but looks glamorous! The applicator is a LITTLE on the small side (nice pun) but it's not a huge issue! The Lip Gloss is moisturising and non-sticky with a natural colour to add. 

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Mini Nail Varnish in Razzle Dazzle with 'Stripped to Go' Sachet

What can I say? This is a fab colour for Christmas and New Years. As you would have seen, it didn't take me long to try it out, and I found that only 2 coats create a lovely glittery surface. The drying time isn't TOO bad, but I did however have trouble pulling up tights after 10 minutes waiting time. I recommend doing your nails at a computer so finger nails are facing up and not doing labouring work. I actually used the Sachet of Nail Varnish remover too today because I had a smudge incident at college and had to remove the majority of it. The nail varnish remover is shaped to curve around your finger to eliminate the colour and extracts it SOOOO well! I normally have a right hassle taking nail varnish off and end up with cotton wool threads stuck to my nails. THIS however didn't do that. It nourished my nails so I didn't have dry or brittle nails after - THANKYOUUU!
(Please ignore how messy my nail varnish was applied - I was rushing!)

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel

I haven't used any Rituals products before but cannot wait to try this out. What's funny is that my bathroom has recently undergone a makeover and is colour schemed as Bright Pink and Purple. "Ooo" I hear you say! Yes.. And so I was SO pleased when I realised this would match it - and the hundreds of Bright Pink Shampoos I have! The smell is divine! The notes include Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil which sounds reasonably sophisticated no? I agree! It's a full size bottle at £6.50 and claims to "gently cleanse your skin and leave it silky soft and smooth." Well... I'll have to keep you up to date as I'll be trying this out tomorrow morning!

As my first ever GlossyBox, I'm very pleased with the products I have obtained! I cannot wait to try everything out - including the Eye Wrinkle Treatment (why not!) and perhaps do an 'Up to date December GlossyBox Review'??
Anyway, I found this was a great investment, and can't wait for January's Box!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Secret Santa Present Revealed

If you've followed my blog for a while now, or have browsed through a couple of posts, you may have seen I was taking part in a Bloggers Secret Santa - arranged by the lovely Rani from Cupcake Couture. I only JUST sent my parcel off because I bought some things online, and me being me, ordered very last minute and it got delayed by a few days due to the demand of Christmas post! Anyway, this post is not to reveal what I've sent, but what I was given.
Obviously the whole concept of Secret Santa is that you don't know who had you and it should always remain a secret, so I would like to just write a little message to my Secret Santa.

Dear Santa,
You were very, very generous and gave me such lovely presents - all of which I love! I was very touched when I saw the 'Wreck this Journal' book from which I'd featured in one of my Christmas Wishlist and the Coral coloured Barry M Nail varnish! You absolute star! You brought a  genuine smile to my face a week or so before Christmas!
Lots of love, Ceri T xxx

And for all of you who wanted a peak, here we go!
I absolutely adore all the items given to me, and I'm so greatful! I've already used all of the items; attacking the book with pens and scissors in bed, chewing the candy canes, using the Chilli Tingle Lip Tint, the nail varnish - which I have on today - and of course, the Lindor chocolates have yet to be eaten but will definitely be consumed within a few hours of TV tonight! They're my all-time favourite chocolates! THANKYOU again!!