Sunday, 9 October 2011

My First MAC Product

This is my very first MAC product ever. How is it that I haven't ever used MAC but have a beauty blog? Perhaps because I'm not entirely with it. But what better time to start than now? After buying a True Match Loreal Foundation in W7, I very clumsily dropped it in my Bathroom and it went.. EVERYWHERE. Quite literally. All up the walls, all over the floor and carpet and in my shower. Grr. After the short outburst of tantrums, I decided it was a sign that I needed better foundation. So... MAC it was. Me and the Boyfriend went on a search in the Old Lanes and finally found it. The woman was really lovely, and made me look fab for my interview later that day (which went very well, and I'm hoping to hear from them tomorrow..)
Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC40 - MAC

 I'll be wearing the new foundation tomorrow when I take my weekly GROW photo. And Christmas has come early for me. A new set of PJ's just in time for the cold autumn/winter months.
Hope you have a lovely start to the week!

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