Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Secret Santa Present Revealed

If you've followed my blog for a while now, or have browsed through a couple of posts, you may have seen I was taking part in a Bloggers Secret Santa - arranged by the lovely Rani from Cupcake Couture. I only JUST sent my parcel off because I bought some things online, and me being me, ordered very last minute and it got delayed by a few days due to the demand of Christmas post! Anyway, this post is not to reveal what I've sent, but what I was given.
Obviously the whole concept of Secret Santa is that you don't know who had you and it should always remain a secret, so I would like to just write a little message to my Secret Santa.

Dear Santa,
You were very, very generous and gave me such lovely presents - all of which I love! I was very touched when I saw the 'Wreck this Journal' book from which I'd featured in one of my Christmas Wishlist and the Coral coloured Barry M Nail varnish! You absolute star! You brought a  genuine smile to my face a week or so before Christmas!
Lots of love, Ceri T xxx

And for all of you who wanted a peak, here we go!
I absolutely adore all the items given to me, and I'm so greatful! I've already used all of the items; attacking the book with pens and scissors in bed, chewing the candy canes, using the Chilli Tingle Lip Tint, the nail varnish - which I have on today - and of course, the Lindor chocolates have yet to be eaten but will definitely be consumed within a few hours of TV tonight! They're my all-time favourite chocolates! THANKYOU again!!


  1. Oh wow this is amazing, you got some really great gifts!

  2. I know right! I was very lucky! xx

  3. Awh lovely gifts :) glad you opened it :D xx

  4. I took part in this too, I'm keeping my gifts till christmas day (I always do!) but have lots of presents in my package so can't wait!

  5. So glad you liked everything! I really enjoyed buying for you! I have the book myself and when I saw it on your wishlist I just had to get you it! xxx