Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Estee Lauder BB Cream

I've been a huge fan of BB Creams for a while now, Garnier being my first one! BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm and was originated in Asia. Because of my problem skin (I have red cheeks ALL THE TIME) I always look for things to make my skin more presentable before putting Foundation on top. I also find BB Creams are almost as good as Primers depending what you pick up. 
Estee Lauder BB Cream is quite thick compared to others and gives a better coverage (which I really love).. It comes in 2 colours but they suit most skin tones but I chose the Light. I found £32 for 30ml was incredibly pricey, even more expensive than Double Wear! I closed my eyes as I bought it and I'll always have the price tag at the back of my mind.
Was it worth the money? I don't think so. I really love the product as it's a great coverage before foundation and as you can see in the above picture my foundation looks as smooth as anything after no top ups for 6 hours. I really like it but I do think it's incredibly overpriced and I would happily convert back to Garnier BB Cream because of the price. For the product, I feel it does a better job than Garnier but for a lot less money, I'd rather use Garnier even if it has a few more flaws. 

Have you tried a BB Cream? Any recommendations? 


  1. thank you for this review! Blimey it's expensive! Your skin looks flawless :) x

  2. I've been wanting to try a BB cream for quite a while now and I've always been put off by their completely sheer coverage so I might give this one a try since it has better coverage and doesn't look as shiny as other ones. Thanks for the review :)x

  3. This looks great! Are you wearing foundation over the top or just the cream? I'm using the Maybelline BB cream atm and have completely fallen in love with the concept. Definitely favour BB cream over foundation now xx


  4. it is soo expensive! i have a sample that i use as a base every once in a while but i can't bring myself to pay that much for it! you do look very flawless though :) <3