Sunday, 21 August 2011

New things... If you could call them that?

So, as exciting as it is - which it isn't, this is my FIRST (yay me) post about new things I have acquired lately (and no, I do not believe in stealing...) and although you may not necessarily call these 'new', these are the most resent things I have purchased so therefore ARE new (even if they're 2 weeks old)...
I am, however, going on a HUGEEEEEE shopping trip with my boyfriend, Az, tomorrow and I plan to spend way too much money. We're going into B-Town (Brighton) for the day to collect some last minute items for Reading Festival which we'll be travelling up to on Thursday of this week coming up.
I shall be buying Green Traditional Wellies, Batisse Dry Shampoo and 48 hour Foundation - which is inevitably not real (I wish!)...

I have taken this opportunity to buy some more things such as a new outfit or three ... Some new Chelsea Boots and perhaps treat myself to some new makeup - partly because I have actually endured a week of slightly infected eyes and I'm beginning to think it is the makeup that's doing the harm (NOOOOOO).. But this is a great excuse to buy a complete new set of makeup.

 This is actually my NEW love! Sorry Az... But this 'CHEEKS' Topshop Highlighter is crazy! I know, I know, you're supposed to use it as a highlighter but... I use it as a bronzer. It makes me look constantly tanned and you can apply nearly anywhere (within reasons) and it also looks very natural as it isn't matte based. I wouldn't recommend for someone with a natural oily face because it does condition too...  BIG THUMBS UP to Topshop!
I've never actually tried any products by Toni & Guy but I thought I'd give it a go once I'd been to my hairdressers (not Toni & Guy if you were wondering) and they'd used the Toni & Guy shampoo... The smell was heavenly but annoyingly I've never really been one of those women who chat to their hairdresser openly, so I never asked what it was called... I decided upon a heat defense in the end, because I straighten my hair A LOT!

This product was a reeaaaaal let down... Like... A real one. It smells so awful and makes my hair greasy and lardy (if that's a word) and quite frankly, doesn't look great.
I'll be buying some super cool stuff tomorrow, so hopefully I can get some of it on here before Thursday.
P.S. Suffering from Tonsillitis too, so if I don't bring back goodies tomorrow, I was obviously too ill to shop... (AS IF!)

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