Friday, 2 September 2011

Leather and Lace (And lots of black)

So after many hours of stress and screaming my Dad finally fixed my computer and I can now see photos! I've never felt so blessed in my life... I was beginning to think I was never going to be able to EVER blog again (you know when your mind starts thinking the worst?)
So I have a photo of what I wore when I came back from Reading Festival and I went for the 'innocent summer dress and wellies' look and bearing in mind I did an all-nighter on the last night, I'm looking pretty fresh (I'll keep telling myself that, even if you don't believe it).

And so the other day I went shopping with mumsy and bought lots of nice staple items for winter yaaaaaaaay...

This, my friends, is my new outfit (minus the lace top which I've had for zonks!)
Oh and also, I haven't Photoshopped abs onto this photo, it's incredibly bad lighting. If I'd tried to Photoshop this out, it would look like I have something to hide.
Leather Jacket - £48 Miss Selfridge
Lace Top - Topshop 2 years ago?
Pleated Skirt - £35 Topshop
Tights - £4 Topshop

I thought I'd wear my hair (and fringe) in a ponytail for once, and I think for this look it definitely looked more polished.
 Lace Top I've had for a few years and it's done me a lot of justice! I wore this January 2010 and the lace has only ripped where I've worn necklaces. Love this!
For Big hair.. You need the two B's.  Blow dry and Backcomb (preferably both upside down and this makes it last longer)... I have quite thin hair and often prey for thicker, more voluptuous hair so I figured this was my last option. I always find big, bulky garments often look better with hair tied up or for girls with shorter hair as this creates a more defined silhouette. Simple earrings are a must too..

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