Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crazy hair and smiles.

So very soon I go back to College full-time (I never went to college part-time, so why say that?) This was my look for today, but I mainly focused on makeup and not my clothes (if you'd like to know - I was wearing a Topshop Woolly Cardigan (still in store), White Topshop Vest, Grey Jeans (also Topshop he he) and my new ALDO boots. 

I back-combed at the roots and left the ends straight and made a plait. The plait actually looked a lot better towards the end of the day - but allas, my makeup didn't.
(I have not airbrushed my face, this is ACTUALLY what the final result looked like after makeup and to tell you the truth, this isn't normally what happens!)
Ok, so this is me. BLAHH.

The "I've just fallen out of bed" look.

And my really round head (It's not actually that round. Just due to poor back-combing)

"Nails" Topshop in Threadbare - £5.00
"Lips" Topshop in Desert - £8.00
"Blush" Topshop in Head Over Heels - £6.00

 "Lips" in Desert is such a lovely colour. At the moment, I'm naturally quite tanned at the moment and this compliments my skin tone so well, but I also believe this will be a great investment for when I've either lost my tan to the harsh Winter or when I've stopped using tanning products. This would compliment ANY skin colour and it's very conditioning too (like I've previously said on my other post on Topshop Makeup).
 Now this is my NEW love! It's a creamy blusher that works perfectly for dry skin tones. I, myself, don't suffer from a dry complexion but I do wear a lot of foundation and loose powder (normally)... Today I decided upon not using powder, and using this creamy formula. Not only did it make me look healthier and more youthful but it make me look a lot more girly (which isn't normally the case because I tend to steer towards bronzers). The colour is also a lot less intense once applied, so it doesn't look unnatural and gives a pretty flush to the cheeks.

TOP TIP: to help maintain this colourful look all day (and maybe all night) I found that applying some powder blusher, the similar colour to your new cream blusher, helps maintain the blusher on the cheeks with no smudges.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter 'Natural Bronze Body Lotion'

Ok so I haven't actually used this yet, but got so excited about posting it on here, that I've decided to give it's own post. So I'm going to start applying tonight and hopefully I'll be able to show you the difference in colour.


On the other hand, I have purchased St. Moritz Mousse Fake Tan, so I may also give a post on that, because I've heard so many different reviews and wanted to try it out.

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