Friday, 28 October 2011

MAC Face and Body Foundation RANT

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C4
Ok, I don't normally hate products at all.. I sometimes dislike them, but never hate them. I think it's time to make an exception. This Foundation has to be the worst purchase of my entire Foundation-using life. No over-statement.. Some people may really love this Foundation, and I'm not against that at all... But I was wrongly advised by one of the MAC shop assistants and I'm just cross that I didn't go with my gut instinct not to buy it. First off, I found there's hardly any coverage, only if you apply and apply and apply - and I asked for a Medium Coverage Foundation. GRRR! Secondly, this Foundation seems to be for very dry skin, as I found after applying about 3 coats (and still not having GREAT coverage) my skin would be like oil on a plate. It was horrendous!
My mum actually commented on my skin, telling me whatever foundation I was using, was definitely too oily for my skin (which I already knew)...
I like to have a Medium Coverage light foundation for my base, and then a darker foundation on top (that's how I roll).. But with this foundation, it would get oiler throughout the day, and my other foundation would pretty much smudge off using any force (or even start melting off in high temperatures - Luckily I was in cold Wales at the time)..

I am in no means trying to make you not buy this product, but perhaps question whethere it is right for your skin. I'm heading back to MAC whenever I'm next in town to get my money back, or buy anothe (better) foundation.
This foundation may actually be your staple and one that you rave about.. That's great. But if you're oily - normal combination skin, this is definitely NOT for you - unless you lervvvvee that oily look..

On another note, these are some of the pictures I took in Cardiff, Wales. I haven't got round to editing the others just yet.. But I've got too many posts lined up to do individual ones. So here's a sneak peak.

Hope your week's been good! Speak soon!

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  1. I hate it when I fork over loads of money for a product and it's rubbish! ): I have oily/combination skin and find it really hard to find a good foundation, but I'll definitely avoid this one now :P Lovely photos, and I hope you have a great weekend too! :D x