Thursday, 20 October 2011

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Review

A few of you may have already read my post on buying my first ever MAC product and since then I've had a few of you also comment on how good/healthy my skin is looking. And it's down to this beauty. Because I'm reasonably fair skinned, I use a lighter foundation to make the base when I put my makeup on, and then over that, I put Studio Sculpt in NC40 on my cheeks, under my eyes and slightly on my forehead. This helps me look slightly more tanned and healthier rather than plastering on just one colour so your face looks more 2D than 3D.
Recently I've found this cold weather makes my blusher or bronzer look too blotchy, so I've resorted to using foundation as a colour for my cheeks.
Although, throughout the day, my face may get a bit greasy, I'd prefer to just dab a tissue on it and re-apply, than to have to deal with blotchy bronzed cheeks. Not nice...

This product has also been SO moisturizing but not so that it makes my face breakout. I've removed makeup at night and thanked the lord for this miracle of a foundation. It's been SUCH a savior and I plan to buy this in a lighter shade tomorrow.
From a previous picture of me, my skin looks so much more dewy than when I used bronzer/blushers. The way I edit my photos, make my skin look slightly pixelated but I can reassure you that it really is smooth and a good coverage. I would be tempted to say it's a full coverage, but it does blend in nicely with my lighter foundations, so (as it says on the packaging) I'll agree that it's a medium coverage.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I LOVE this product. It covers well, stays on my face pretty much all day, and is a natural looking colour, however dark it is in the tube. If it wasn't such a great product, I wouldn't be going back for more.

What foundation do you love? And why?

Due to the editing of my photos, the colours of the foundation, may not necessarally be identicle to the real product.


  1. I've heard great reviews of this product and will probably get some after my current foundation runs out :) I haven't found a foundation to love so far but that's probably because I never buy the more expensive ones D: I always worry that I'll spend lots of money then the product will make me break out or something! x

  2. I've never tried this but I'm really tempted now, it sounds lovely! x