Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Nothing ever goes right for me really... I normally have average weeks, lazy days, no job and hardly any money (not cool)... But enough of the depressive talk! This week (so far) has gone SO well..
As a new blog (this was started in July, I think) I'm used to getting the occasional follower, maybe 1 every two weeks or something.. But last night, was like a revelation. I obtained 11 new followers on Blogger and 14 on Twitter.
This isn't a post to make others feel worse about themselves, nor is it to cringe the more follower-heavy blogs out haha.. I just.. Never believed I'd even get this many - and in such little time.
I wanted to thank you. Hence the big love heart haha..
Well anyway, hope you're all good!

Why my week's been super good!
P.S. 1) Got a new job in Debenham's
2) Got all my work done (this is extra-ordinary for me)
3) Got you lovely people following my blog
4) The realisation that Christmas isn't THAT far away!

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  1. I found your blog last night as someone linked to you on twitter and couldn't resist following :) I think your layout is simple in a beautiful way, and your posts are fun to read and I couldn't stop reading your older ones!

    Congrats on getting a job! I'm finding it so hard to find one and think I've missed out on the xmas temp ones. Luckily I have my student loan to look after me though :) The heart drawing is lovely too :D x