Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Morning Skincare Routine

I know so many guys and girls have problems with skin. Whether it's acne, sensitive skin or redness, many people suffer from these and as a result, confidence is the first thing to go. I've suffered from sensitive skin and redness in the cheeks pretty much ALL my life, so I've never known what it's like not to have it. Although at times, I look at other women with amazingly clear skin and envy their fast makeup regimes, I have tried pretty much most brands and products that have said they will cure it. No luck. Either my skin is the most sensitive skin in the world, or their products don't actually cater for sensitive skin, I can never find anything gentle that won't sting my face. But this year, I've found all my dream products, and from here, it only gets better!
Let me introduce you to my spot busting, redness remover and super sensitive skin products! 
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit cream wash - £4.94 Boots
Garnier BB Cream - £9.99
Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser - £15.00

This was one of my first ever face wash, and to be totally honest, it wasn't the wash that drew me to it - it was the colour (I was 16 and that's really what I used to look for in those days). No days, I'm more into using products that feel like they're working. This cream wash works best when in the shower. If you smooth a layer over your face after a few minutes in the shower, you will feel this tingling your face. As I'm prone to sensitive skin, I was worried at first that this would sting my face, it doesn't at all.. It feels like it's opening and cleaning your pores.
I use this daily in the shower, and I've definitely had better skin since first using it. It has reduced my greasy T-zone to a slight shine - nothing some powder can't sort out - and it's also minimised my spots and breakouts.

I even bought this for my boyfriend because I love it so much, and he has seen a difference in his skin too - and so have I.
For best results: Use scrubbing mittens to wash it off after a few minutes in the shower.

This product was released about a month or two ago, and I first heard about it from ramz and the flock when Garnier were sending out 3 samples to the first couple thousand who signed up to try out this new cream. BB Cream, also known as blemish balm, is supposed to even out skin tone, create a smooth application for foundation, defend against UV rays with an SPF of 15 and to hydrate the skin all day. When I first used the testers, I fell in love. My foundation would look a lot more natural and it would stay put (even more so) after using it. I even gave my mum one of the samples to get her into it.
This product squeezes out into a thick lump of foundation-looking mush, but then glides onto my face into a conditioning, light paste which DOES calm my red cheeks down! Absolutely love this product, and will be repurchasing over and over.
 Only thing I will suggest is to buy the correct skin tone for you. I think there's two or three shades and I accidentally only thought there was one, so I picked up a medium instead of a light urghhh..

I'd always known I had naturally red cheeks, even when I was 1 years old. I've never known what it's like to have just one shade on your face, never. Although I really doubt I'll ever find that one product that will illiminate this skin problem, this one settles it down. I use this at night usually when I'm taking off my makeup and in the morning, my skin is pretty much one-tone but with my skin being so sensitive, this doesn't last long as any slight movement on my face, will bring my cheeks up again. Using it in the morning doesn't seem to work, unless I had an hour to spare, because it doesn't sink into my skin until an hour where I can see a difference.
It's an amazing product, and cleans my face without irritation. It's more of a cleanser for really sensitive skin than a redness solution, but oh well.. it still works!

Apply a small amount (roughly a 5 pence piece) into your hand and rub over face. Use a cottle wool pad to remove. I usually take MOST of my makeup off with another cleanser or makeup remover THEN apply this.

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