Saturday, 14 January 2012

White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle

This is my favourite all-time Dessert! I absolutely love this and could pretty much eat the whole thing to myself.
Scroll down to see the recipe

- It says it serves 6 but there's always a lot left over, perhaps make smaller versions in small glass bowls
- For the topping, once the raspberries are washed, leave them to dry on a kitchen towel, this prevents soggy trifle
- Use any fruit you like, but I always prefer raspberries!

Prep - 15 minutes

You will need
225g/8oz white chocolate
4 egg yolks
50g/2oz sugar
300ml/half pint of milk
300ml/half pint of double cream
1 large Swiss roll
2 tbsp Kirsch (a fruit brandy)
450g/1lb raspberries
8 tbsp raspberry coulis, from a jar

  1. The day before, put 50g white chocolate in the fridge to chill, then roughly chop the rest of the chocolate.
    Cream together the egg yolks and sugar until pale.
    Put the milk and cream into a clean pan and bring almost to the boil, then pour this onto the egg mixture, stirring all the time.
    Put the mixture back into the pan and stir with a wooden spoon on a low heat until it thickens.
  2. Take the pan from the heat and add the chopped chocolate.
    Stir in to melt, the leave the custard to cool.
    Cut the Swiss roll into finger-thick slices, place them around the edge and base of a serving dish and sprinkle with Kirsch.
    Cover with 300g of fresh raspberries and the raspberry coulis, then pour over the cooled custard and leave to set.
  3. When ready to serve, decorate with the remaining raspberries, then take the 50g of white chocolate from the fridge and grate it over the raspberries.
  4. Bon Appetit!


  1. I'm sure this is so yummy! I'll try to do it during the uni break.

  2. Oh my gosh this is my idea of food heaven! I love white chocolate trifles and this one looks heavenly ♥

    1. Definitely try it out one day, you'll never go back once you've had this! x

  3. That looks lovely, I absolutely love trifle!

  4. That looks so delicious!

    I gave you a Liebster blog award :)


  5. This looks fantastic! Well done Ceri :)