Thursday, 9 February 2012

Champneys Review

I was sent a reasonably big package last week with all these goodies in! I've been having problem finding the right skin care routine for me and as soon as I saw these I hoped they would solve my problem.
Champneys are affordable yet luxury products and I had such positive feedback on my other Champneys products last time, so couldn't wait to try these out!
Illuminating Beauty Balm 30ml for £12 *
Anything with the word 'Illuminating' in automatically attracts my attention so this, I thought, would be a great product to try out. Although I did not see any dramatic affects at first, my skin had started to look more radiant over a week or so, but I more or less used this as a moisturiser.
The actual cream itself has a pearly-look to it and little product is needed to fully cover the face. It doesn't feel that luxurious on my skin, which is slightly off putting, but I have noticed my grey-ish looking skin has been developing a more brighter complexion. 
I wouldn't go as far to say that this product is worth £12 as I didn't feel nor entirely see my skin appearing a whole lot better.
Collagen Intense Repair Serum 30ml for £15*
This product has been by far my best 'night time' product. I normally use a normal moisturiser or night cream before bed (so I don't have dry skin in the morning) and this has been working wonders. I'm not entirely sure if it's causing breakouts just yet (because I've been using lots of NEW products lately and I seem to have horrid under-the-skin spots).. But this has been keeping my skin SO moisturised and smooth without any greasiness. I've also been trying to cope with horrid dry patches on my neck and face and a dab of this sees it off in a few days.
This also claims to brighten skin, which I can feel in my skin (if that makes sense) but doesn't necessarily show.
For a good application and softer skin this product is a go-to for me.
Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil 75ml for £10*
This is probably my least used Champneys products, purely because I don't tend to use body oils in the winter, although I think I should. I like to use body oils because I find these lock in a lot more moisture than the regular moisturiser from boots but I just can't bear to have oil underneath layers of jumpers etc. The other downfall to this product is that it's shimmering. I don't have a problem with shimmering products because I believe these actually compliment the skin a lot more, but the fact it transfers every so slightly to my clothing is a put off. By all means, I think I'll be lathering this on in the summer, but for now, it's a no-no.
The orange shimmering oil applies very well (once shaken effectively) and looks very much like instant tan, but more natural and sun kissed.
For now, I'll be saying no no no.. But in the summer, I don't see why not!
Conditioning Cleansing Milk 200ml for £7*
I was slightly worried when I saw this product was for normal to dry skin, as I am neither. Yes, I can have the odd dry patches of skin, but this does not label me as a sufferer of dry skin. Quite the opposite infact. I was, however, right. It isn't the product for me at all.. It was so moisturising and gave me gloriously smooth skin, but after a few hours I started leaking oil. Not pretty.
For any dry skin sufferers, this product may be just for you.
I applied this with a cotton wool pad and removed my makeup with it and then washed the rest off with warm water. It look my makeup off like a dream but the after effects left me greasy.
Taking into account how this gave me such supple skin, I would recommend this to normal to dry skin sufferers and to definitely stay away from if you are prone to greasy areas.
Citrus Blush Shower Gel 200ml (unknown price)*
I received this shower gel on its own but I think it's normally partnered with the Citrus Blush Body Lotion or the Exfoliating Kit from the Citrus Blush Range.
I really love this product because of the smell and the regal feel of it standing there in my shower. I've never really been a lover of shower gels for the way they make my skin feel, but mostly for the smell. Luckily this product smells divine, otherwise I wouldn't rate it so highly.
Although it's relatively hard to push the product out of the tube, it's no biggy. I'm so glad it's lasting as long as it is, because it's making my bathroom smell of oranges, but a little bit of it goes a long way - which is always a bonus.


  1. These are some really good and detailed reviews! :) Sounds like most of the products here are aimed at dry or normal skin which wouldn't help my oily skin, but I like the sound of the collagen intense repair serum :)

    1. I'm so glad you comment on my posts because it's really insightful! Thanks again x