Saturday, 11 February 2012

Naked Skin launched in Superdrug

When I received these products, I must admit, I hadn't really used (or really heard of) Naked products before. This doesn't put me off a brand at all as I feel it has room for a place on my shelf. I can't comment too much on the previous Naked products but the Naked brand has branched out and has launched its first skincare range, Naked Skin into Superdrug stores.

The first thing that caught my eye and pretty much won my heart, was that it's 97% natural - which can only mean one thing for me.. Good skin! Not one of the new products in the range contains sulphates, parabens or petrochemicals - which sound highly unappealing anyway! These products are also vegetarian and vegan friendly so they suit all and are ideal for sensitive skin (as the review will tell you)...
Naked Skin Bare Faced Cheek Softening Face Wash £4.49 for 200ml
Ok, where to start?
This products is amazing. I've used it for over a week now, every night and have seen a dramatic change in my complexion.
I'm always suffering from redness in the cheeks and cleansers always seem to make this worse but this really does cleanse deeply without tingling or reddening.
Before applying onto a damp face, it squeezes out like a gel cleanser but once rubbed onto the face, it creates a foam which cleanses deep into the pores. I would find the next day, my spot appear reduced or completely gone! I actually had a jolly good bum wiggle when all my under-the-skin spots had actually GONE over night! I use this also in the morning to clean away any greasiness from the night before that may have formed.
If you like strong smelling products, this is for you, because by no means is this a non-perfumed smell. It's completely natural, but the 'natural' is a bit too much for my nostrils. It smells like mint and aloe vera but reasonably strong.
I also found it didn't really create any greasy areas but perhaps made my skin quite drying in places but I would highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive and oily skin.

Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser £4.49 for 200ml
I've been using this product when trying to remove makeup at night and find it does a really good job without irritating my skin. It doesn't smell quite as strong as the Face Wash but I feel it doesn't do such a good job. I normally take off most of my makeup with this and then use the face wash after to eliminate any stubborn makeup that won't budge.
Perfect Getaway cleanses and moisturises my face without too much oil being produced after (I find moisturiser brings out all the unwanted oils in my face GRR) and is great for a 2-in-1 as I don't really need a moisturiser after.
My skin has been a lot less spotty and black-head-y (yum) which makes me feel so much more confident.

All-in-all I think this product is great for people with dry and sensitive skin, but the two products together really counteract each other!

Will I be repurchasing? YES! If I don't find any other cleansers that meet my criteria like these two have, then certainly! My skin looks spotless and oil-free without too much drying. PERFECT!

The new Naked Skin range also includes:

Naked Skin Blinking Lovely Eye Make-up Remover £4.49

Naked Skin Looking Good Soothing Eye Gel £7.49
Up Tone Girl Toner £4.49
Thirst Aid Moisturiser £7.49

Have you heard or tried any of Naked's products before? What can you recommend?

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  1. Never heard of the brand but I'm adding the face wash to my wishlist! I need to try a different one as my Soap and Glory one is too harsh on my skin, but I'm still determined to use it all up :P

    1. It's super amazing! I haven't had a real breakout since using it! x

  2. I have used the rose bare faced cheek wash. I have just finished one bottle and using another one now from a different brand that is nowhere near as good. A little of this goes a long long way. It really lasts for ages. My skin would also normally look quite red after washing even with simple facewash but this actually really calms your skin down and removes every pick of makeup! I will def be buying again but just checked and my local boots doesn't stock it. afterwards I actually use a rosehip oil on my skin and it seems to go really well after the rose face wash.