Sunday, 26 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox

My first impression of this months GlossyBox was slightly disappointing. Not only were there no products that really interested me, but there were also no fully-size products. It's not as if GlossyBox ALWAYS have full-sized products, because that isn't the point, I'm just a little disappointed when there isn't any to be seen.
I'm always constantly telling myself; 'don't just a book by its cover' or in this case 'don't knock it till you've tried it' ...  I was ready to try out the products in no hurry, I was still using up the January GlossyBox products (and what a box that was!)...

DUWOP Venom Gloss - Full Size 10.4ml for £16

OK, this item had me panicking for a while. This was the first item I tried and I wasn't expecting anything special as it was a 'Lip Venom' - a plumping Lip Gloss in other words.  I hadn't even noticed the small print at the bottom of the leaflet which explained how this Lip Venom may cause a slight tingling sensation.. SLIGHT?!
I'm not sure whether I have really sensitive lips, but this product REAALLYY made my lips tingle - almost to the point of pain. It wore off after an hour or so but I was glad to see the product actually worked. My friends even said my lips looked a lot bigger than usual. Overall, I really liked this product but I haven't gone back to it just yet..

DR BRONNER Magic Liquid Soap - Full Size 59ml for £1.99

This product also puzzled me - and still does! I wasn't sure what this soap was supposed to clean, whether it was the face, hands of even clothes (stupid, I know, but I washed a top with it hahaha)... The thing which I like about this, is the smell.. It smells like marzipan but only before washing, because afterwards I couldn't smell anything - not even a clean smell - which had me wondering if it was actually working.
There was no directions on the label as to what you had to do with it; a liquid soap is NOT easy to understand by any means!
It's totally organic and the packaging had been used from recycled materials so this was also quite appealing. Overall, I wouldn't repurchase as it's a bit of a shitty product, but for £1.99 I guess that's what you pay for.

PAUL MITCHELL Super Skinny Relaxing Balm - Full Size 200ml for £15.25

I was a little bewildered with this item too (it needed instructions)... I just presumed it was a product which you squirting onto your hair before blow drying.. I have yet to determine if I was wrong. It's very water-based and dried pretty easily into my hair. I haven't seen much difference in my hair but I will leave it to test a little longer.
Overall, not amazed by it. It hasn't really done much, and it's not thick enough to be a mask.

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow - Full Size 2g for £7

I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at this eyeshadow. I had no great expectations due to the other products being a flop. I've only used this once (as an experiment) but the colour really isn't for me. It looks pretty pink in the flesh but once applied, it turns quite glittery with a gold shimmer - which was surprisingly flattering. I do have one issue, which I've already addressed and that's the colour. Pink? Not for me...

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Body Lotion - Full Size 300ml for £20

I'd never heard of this brand before, same with the other items I received - so as usual, I wasn't optimistic. This was the last item I tried because it just didn't 'pop' out for me. I'd received body lotion in my last Glossybox so this was a little repetitive as I had by no means finished my other bottle. The only thing I really like about this product is the smell. It reminds me of when I was smaller and was suffering with a chest infection/cough and my mum would rub some VIX on my chest. I think that's what it's called... It smells really strongly of Lavender and some other strong smelling plant (maybe Jasmine)... And was too overpowering to wear in the morning before going out, so I applied it at night.. On my chest... As if I were a little girl again.. With a chest infection..
Overall, I didn't see the point in having such a strong aromatic smelling product unless used for medical purposes. 


  1. I got a different Paul Mitchell product but in the same type bottle on the ingredient bit at the back there should be a pull out part then there is a few pages with instructions. thats what mine had any way.
    Hope that helps :o)

    1. Oh it did thank-you! Goodness, I swear I'd be useless without others to help me! x

  2. The Paul Mitchell products are usually quite good and I hope I will have one in a box soon as well. I myself are getting the German box send to my parents (I live in Denmark and they do not deliver it to addresses abroad) and I therefore can open 3-4 boxes at once when I visit them (next visit is over Easter and I already have January and February waiting there for me).

    What annoys me most are face lotions: how are you supposed to test a product if it comes in such a small size? Allergies often take a few weeks to show and those little testers last not even a week :/

    Enjoy your box!